Learn to sketch the world around you
Learn to sketch the world around you

Learn to sketch the world around you

Inspirational, on-demand videos on every aspect of urban & travel sketching

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What is PSTV all about?

Do you want to learn how to sketch the world around you?

Do you wish you could fill your sketchbook with drawings of your travels - at home and afar?

From the founder of Urban Sketching World (a popular blog) and author of "The Beginners Guide to Urban Sketching", Taria has video demonstrations on all kinds of styles and techniques in the form of an on-demand video library. She explains everything in her friendly down-to-earth style including her "mistakes". 

Her goal is to help you start drawing the world around you.

She will encourage you to break free from the constraints of perfection and embrace the messy, beautiful chaos of creativity.

Learn to sketch with freedom and let those lines dance across the page like nobody's watching. 🕺💃

What our customers are saying

Lisa K

I love listening to you blather/chat through your videos ☺️ I first started watching you on Youtube and then joined your membership. I am super jazzed. I love all of your classes. Thank you so much for taking the time to teach and share all your knowledge with all of us. You make urban sketching fun & easy to learn ☺️

Sarah B

Thank you for your absolutely enjoyable videos. I'm relatively new to sketch-booking and have taken onto your videos with a passion. I love your style, your commentary, your humour and self-confidence - and also self doubt now and again. All tied up with a dose of humour. Thank you and keep it up! 

Sue E

I love the format and the way you are always trying out different styles and getting inspiration from different artists! (And different materials). Your videos are always an inspiration. Thanks!

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Frequently Asking Questions

What is included in a subscription plan?

Unlimited classes, on-demand (watch anytime, anywhere), an ever-growing library of videos and direct access to me, Taria, via email for any help or support you need.

Can I use my mobile phone?

Yes! You can watch on your phone or tablet. We don't have an app yet but it will be coming soon!

Can I cancel any time?

Absolutely! Cancel and rejoin as you like :) You have 100% control over your membership.